Guidelines for Applicants


The objective under this Project component is to increase the municipalities’ capacity to prepare basic and more complex (infrastructure) development projects that will be ready for funding from other sources. Overall, the objectives of the Technical documentation fund component of the Project are:

  • strengthen municipal capacity to develop, finance and implement good quality local development projects;
  • To provide immediate funding to those most in need for prepration of development projects, in expectation of new funding lines for this purpose;
  • To promote Municipal development index and the SDGs and related indicators as the elements of planning and implementing balanced and sustainable regional and rural development policies and measures;
  • To further increase the quality of life, primarily in the most underdeveloped municipalities and for the most vulnerable social groups.
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Selection Criteria

The selection criteria of how one project could be funded is developed through multiple layers while considering the aspects of: targeted impact (SDGs); gender and other „horizontal“ considerations; level of development of municipalities (by applying the Municipal development index), quality of project proposals, sustainability and socio-economic impact. Developing technical documentation for basic infrastructure project are being considered as priority in terms of improving the quality of life of the local communities. All criteria needs to be included in the Application form, with the possibility to submit additional supporting documents by the applicants. Please follow the criteria instructions in the operational guidelines document.

Selection Process

Municipalities can apply with only one priority project in one of the three (3) main groups: Communal, transport and business infrastructure, Social infrastructure, Environmental, Climate change and Water infrastructure. The selection of successful applications will be carried out through objective and transparent evaluation of the applications after reviewing required supporting documents. The final selection will be published on the project web site after the evaluation process is done. During the Call application period, the potential applicants will have a chance to ask questions and clarifications via e-mail regarding the Call.

Awarding & Implementation Process

Upon closure of the Call for proposals, the evaluation of the applications will be carried out in order to establish the ranking list of proposals and determine those that will be awarded fundin. The selection of projects to receive funding for preparation will be shared in the public. The evaluation will be carried out by the independent Evaluation committee. Each municipality should have the internal monitoring system established for project implementation. Transfer of ownership is done according to UNDP’s procedures.